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Drivers encouraged to look out for incredibly useful hidden feature on most popular cars

The car leasing company Nationwide Vehicle Contracts has shared a number of hidden features waiting to be discovered in some of the UK’s most popular cars.

Whilst most motorists focus on considering aspects like performance, styling and running costs when choosing their next vehicle, it can come as a pleasant surprise when they first learn about a unique hidden feature.

A spokesperson from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts noted that many Skoda owners can find an umbrella that is hidden in the interior.

They explained: “Skoda drivers may not be aware but there is a hidden umbrella located inside the door on some car models.

“If you’re unprepared for a sudden weather change when travelling by car, then don’t fret as you can locate an umbrella at all times.”

Found on a number of the brand’s most popular models, including the Superb and Kodiaq, Skoda owners can find an umbrella concealed in the rear passenger-side door.

A feature originally found in Rolls Royce’s cars, the feature means that drivers are always prepared for wet weather.

After use on a rainy day, owners can also place the umbrella back into the slot without drying it first, with the compartment featuring an outlet.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts’ spokesperson also urged all motorists to look out for hidden compartments, which an typically be found underneath mats in footwells.

They added: “Some car models may have hidden storage spaces underneath the floor mats, which makes an ideal place to store car cleaning products and driving supplies.

“This is a more commonly found in SUVs and vans, as these vehicles have higher floors.”

Hidden storage compartments can be found in almost all models, and can be used to hide valuables in a place that thieves are unlikely to look.

One of the most popular cars to feature a hidden compartment is the Fiat 500, with many examples sporting a small spot underneath the passenger seat.

However, a wide variety of electric vehicles, including all of the Tesla models and the Ford Mustang Mach E, also include storage under the bonnet, a location many owners refer to as the ‘frunk’.


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