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Drivers could be impacted by MOT update with new rule to have ‘serious impact’ on garages

Car garages across Britain could be prevented from carrying out MOT tests due to a new crackdown from the DVSA that could impact road users across the country.

MOT testers must undertake an annual assessment by the end of March with mechanics likely to be banned from conducting tests if this wasn’t completed.

The deadline to finish the exams have passed with the cut-off falling over the Easter holiday on March 31.

The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) claims the move could have a “serious impact” on some garage’s ability to conduct tests.

This could backfire on local residents with some at risk of having their MOT tests cancelled due to a lack of staff being available.

Just last week, the IMI warned that over 70 percent of testers had yet to complete all of their tests.

Testers who missed the deadline will have to “competently demonstrate” they can carry out an MOT test to regain their certificate.

The new criteria require some testers who are returning to garages to submit a recent DBS check after new rules came into effect back in January.

Hayley Pells, IMI Policy and public affairs lead had called on garages to make sure mechanics had passed all assessments ahead of the deadline.

She explained: “MOT testers who fail to meet the deadline will not only lose their ability to conduct any MOT work until their training and assessment has been completed, and their DBS check has been approved.”

“Garages therefore need to support their technicians in their training and assessments to avoid any impact on the business.”

MOT tests are a legal requirement for all road users with motorists unable to use their vehicles without a valid pass certificate in place.

Drivers can secure an annual check for as little as £54.95 across the high street including at Asda Motoring.


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