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Drivers can ‘improve fuel economy by 14 percent’ by pressing one button in almost all cars

Motorists can dramatically improve their petrol and diesel fuel economy by between seven and 14 percent by pressing a key button found in most modern vehicles. 

According to experts at CarShop, petrol and diesel owners can lower fuel use by “reducing speeds” behind the wheel.

Slowing down by up to 10mph can have a major impact but pressing the cruise control feature can help even more. 

This will ensure motorists continue to travel at a steady pace and do not waste fuel by regularly stopping and starting. 

CarShop explained: “Many people may need to learn that driving speed can play a part in how fuel efficient a car is. 

The sudden rises have seen average costs jump from 140.45p per litre in January to a staggering 149.51p per litre in April. 

Sam Sheehan, motoring editor at cinch, has also called for drivers to cut their speed in a bid to preserve their petrol tanks.

Sam commented: “As a rule of thumb, cars tend to return the best economy at around 45mph to 55mph. 

“But specific road conditions and gradients don’t always allow you to stick to that speed, so it’s up to you to be sensible and adjust your driving based on the route ahead without going over the limit.”

Motorists without access to a cruise control button can still benefit by manually keeping their speeds lower.

Road users can do that by having “steady momentum” behind the wheel and anticipating certain situations ahead of time. 

Sam added: “Keeping a steady speed is a good way to prevent avoidable fuel consumption. It eliminates the need for sharp acceleration or deceleration, both of which make the engine work harder and lead to more fuel consumption. The key to keeping a steady momentum is anticipating certain situations and traffic conditions. 

“See a red traffic light? Is there congestion ahead? Coming off the accelerator in advance reduces the need for abrupt braking, in turn saving fuel and sparing precious pennies.” 


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