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Drivers are realising they can ‘save hundreds’ on car insurance after Martin Lewis advice

Motorists could make dramatic car insurance savings by making a simple change to their renewal in 2024, according to Martin Lewis and TikTok influencers.

Renewing a policy around three weeks before a current agreement ends is the absolute sweet spot to get the best prices.

It means motorists could save several hundred pounds by being prepared and getting ahead of the curve.

TikTok influencer @shetalkscars shared the hack online revealing that changing a policy between 23 and 16 days was ideal.

She said: “This is a car insurance hack I wish I knew years ago. Literally, this one little thing that costs you no money, just a bit of planning could literally save you hundreds off your car insurance for the year. I know because I’ve done it. It works.

“Get your car insurance between 23 and 26 days in advance, for some reason, this shows insurers that you’re a safer driver.

“I don’t know why that is anyway it makes your insurance cheaper. That’s all you need to know. Make sure you do this, it’s going to change the game.”

@shetalkscars then admitted that taking advantage of the tip had helped her save between £200 and £300 on a policy.

Social media users quickly praised the hack with many suggesting it had even helped them cut their own bills.

TikTok user @thevinnievinster commented: “I remember doing this for my 1 series. It was either wait 3 weeks and pay 800 or pay 5k for next day lol.”

@87klow reacted: “I always do it the week it’s due to renew, good tip. will do this next year.”

@leighs_stuff reacted: “I do this every year. Changed car this year and omg never had such a high premium!”

@herbie4552 posted: “Yep I did it and saved 50 quid on last years.”

Another TikTok user explained: “It shows that you are organised and plan ahead instead of leaving it till last minute, a trait that is good when driving.. braking for instance.”


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