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Drivers alarmed they have to ‘break lockdown rules’ to avoid parking fines


Bridge Street, near Macclesfield town centre, is largely a residential road but there is a rule that cars can only be left on the road for a maximum of two hours or parking fines will be enforced.  Residents that live on the road were aware of these rules when they moved in and did not mind under normal circumstances.

However, advice during lockdown is to limit non-essential journeys, yet parking wardens are continuing to impose fines if cars are not moved.

Residents are asking Cheshire East Council to waive these rules as residents feel they are breaking lockdown rules by constantly moving their cars away from their homes.

Mike Williams, 36, is a teacher and lives on the street with his fiancée. He told CheshireLive: “Normally we can freely move our car without fear of being questioned by foot patrolling police or potentially spreading a deadly virus.

“But now we are all being told that we only leave home when it is really necessary and there are even large electronic signs from the council in town reminding drivers that only essential journeys in a car should be made.

“We have to leave home every two hours for a non-essential journey in the car to find a new space and then do it again in another two hours. The council is punishing us for following the rules. I find this ridiculous.” 

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A car park that can be used instead is about five minutes walk away but it requires a £70 a year permit.

The Cheshire East Council website states that if a fine is paid within 14 days a 50 percent discount is applied. However, if it is not paid within 56 days then 50 percent extra is added.

The website says: “Our parking regulations help keep car parks safe and roads and stop people blocking others from parking. You may get a penalty charge notice if you contravene parking regulations.”

Addition reporting by Alex Scapens.


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