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Driver safety fears as ‘confusing’ junction looks just like a roundabout


The no priority junction is by Wirral Met College on Tower Road in Birkenhead approaching the Four Bridges. Several people posted on the Wallasey Gossip Facebook group worried that the confusing junction may cause an accident. One member of the group said: “I had a near miss. I went around and someone behind went straight across, so confusing!”

A second person added: “I thought it was a roundabout so drove around it, but then I see people driving straight over.

“It won’t be long before there is an accident there unfortunately.”

Another added: “It’s a nightmare.” 

While a fourth seemed to sum up the concerns expressed by several drivers: “No one seems to know for sure.”

Drivers aren’t the only ones unhappy with the junction – cyclists and pedestrians also share safety fears. 

One person said: “The road has been narrowed so much that a car cannot safely overtake a bicycle on the road, so cyclists feel vulnerable and hold up the traffic but the pavement has not been marked as dual use (for cyclists and pedestrians).

“In some parts, the pavement is really wide and could accommodate dual usage, but in other parts the pavement is quite narrow and it would be difficult to make dual usage [work].

“Seems like there could have been enough room to separate pedestrians, bikes and cars properly, if only things had been planned a little differently.”

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