Home News Driver ignored rural road closure and got stranded in snowy ditch

Driver ignored rural road closure and got stranded in snowy ditch


The motorist got stranded after sliding off the icy A515 this morning in remote Newhaven, Derbyshire. He had the audacity to call 999 to hall him out the ditch, despite brazenly flouting the road closure in the first place.

Derbyshire Constabulary, which shut the road due to treacherous weather conditions, blasted the driver and warned others to follow the rules.

The Audi driver had travelled more than 30 miles from Nottingham, before getting into the predicament.

And, as Derbyshire Live says, the police force tweeted at 5.15am: “A515/A5012 at Newhaven.

“Audi from Nottingham decides to brave the closed A515.”

It added: “Slides into a ditch and calls us on 999.

“We attend, pull him out the ditch and provide him with strong words of advice.

“How clear can we be… DO NOT ignore road closures. #DriveToArrive.”

Snow fell heavily yesterday afternoon in Derbyshire, moving from the north of England.

Forecasters warn ice will remain dangerous across the region today and into the evening.

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