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Dramatic moment Russian 'turtle tanks' wiped out in caught-on-camera onslaught

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These “turtle tanks” are being used on Ukrainian front line positions across Donetsk as Vladimir Putin’s troops continue their fight to seize more territory in the region.

Ukraine continues to utilise cheap first person view (FPV) kamikaze drones to strike the armoured vehicles along the front lines. The Defence Ministry said: “Russian tanks are Ukrainian FPV drones’ ‘favorite targets’.”

The strike near Novomykhailivka involved strike drones, artillery, and anti-tank missiles in the attack on the Russian convoy, which was part of a “massive attack”, according to the Ukrainian military.

Novomykhailivka is located on the frontline, southwest of the Russian-controlled Donetsk City, and south of Marinka, which Moscow captured in December 2023. It is also near Vuhledar, a strategic area of Donetsk that has seen heavy fighting during the war.


On Wednesday, Ukraine’s military released a statement revealing that Russia had launched multiple attacks, including an airstrike, north of Novomykhailivka.

These Russian offensives have had a significant impact on Ukraine’s war effort, forcing President Volodymyr Zelensky to postpone all foreign trips. Forces have also been withdrawn from some areas in the northeast of the country.

Russia is making gains on the 620-mile front line in order to stretch Ukraine’s army, which is short of ammunition and manpower, hoping defences will crumble.


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