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Dr Hilary blasts Germany and France 'the vaccine actually PROTECTS from blood clots'


Good Morning Britain’s Dr Hilary Jones insisted that Germany and France would be costing lives by banning the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine. While speaking to host Susanna Reid, Dr Hilary argued there was no evidence to suggest this vaccine caused blood clots. He listed a wide list of groups that had found no evidence of any link between the vaccine and the blood clot. The physician took particular issue with the decision as he insisted the “vaccine actually protects from blood clots.”

Ms Reid said: “Unfortunately, more countries in the EU seem to be losing confidence, if just temporarily, in the jab.

“Countries like France, Italy and Germany have all halted rollouts of the vaccines.

“Smaller EU countries had already done the same thing.

“When you have got countries of that scale joining the concern, where does this leave the vaccine?”

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Dr Hilary dubbed this move “extraordinary” and rubbished the idea that that there was a cause for concern regarding blood clots.

He said: “It is extraordinary because those individual countries and their regulatory bodies are saying let’s just pause and look at the data.

“Other people, all the clinical trials, the European medicines agency, our own MHRA, the WHO and 17 million people who have been vaccinated in Europe, all the data shows that there is no causal link, no evidence at all that these blood clots are related to the vaccination.

“When you look at what Germany and Italy have decided to do, these are countries with massive problems of a COVID-19 3rd wave coming on.

The German Health Ministry announced the country will stop administering the Oxford jab after reports of serious side effects.

French President Emmanuel Macron soon after said France would also suspend its use.

The Italian medicines authority AIFA also said it was taking the decision as a “precautionary and temporary measure” pending rulings by the European Medicines Agency

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has said there was no indication the events were caused by the vaccination and that the number of reported blood clots was no higher than seen in the general population, however.


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