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'Dr Doom!' GMB viewers blast Dr Hilary 'scaremongering' as lockdown restrictions ease


Good Morning Britain presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd were joined by resident Dr Hilary and Chief Correspondent Richard Gaisford live in the studio on their giant, extended desk. One of the stories making the headlines today is the changes to the lockdown restrictions in England, which allows either a group of size (from any number of households) or a group of any size from up to two households to meet outside. Residents in England can also take part in formally organised sports too. Dr Hilary wanted to stress the importance of the science and how taking precautionary steps was necessary – but those watching at home accused him of “scaremongering” and “twisting positive news into negative”. 

Dr Hilary said: “We can’t just rely on vaccinations. And we can’t come out of lockdown and abandon the rules.” 

Taking to Twitter to comment, one said: “Dr Hillary loving his TV work and scaremongering again #GMB.” 

#GMB @DrHilaryJones should be called Dr Doom. Any positive news he twists it to be negative (sic),” someone else mentioned. 

A third added: “@GMB once again you continue to scare people. The rules have been lifted people can now meet with 6 people or play sport! Get over it! We must get back to living a life! #COVID19 #GMB.” 

#gmb Dr Hilary being his usual upbeat optimistic self again I see,” one sarcastically said. 

Meanwhile, a tweet mentioned: “#GMB @DrHilaryJones should be Dr Doom. Turns any bit or positive new negative and just wants to keep us in lock down.”

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