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'Don't want them next to me – exercise their freedom at home' Edwina Currie huge GMB rant


“I hear what everyone says about freedom but they’re going to restrict my freedom,” Edwina began.

 “A lot of people have had their vaccine now, we’re powering out with that and I think it’s brilliant.

“If you add to that a negative test, what’s not to like – I could go to the theatre.

“It means my grandchildren can go to a club we can get out and about and enjoy our freedom once again.”


Speaking about whether the vaccine should be compulsory, Edwina continued: “We haven’t had a compulsory vaccination in the country since I was a little girl.

“I hear what you’re saying. I don’t want them (people who refuse the vaccine) sitting next to me in the theatre.

“I don’t want them near me – they can exercise their freedom at home.

“The main side effect of being vaccinated is itchy feet, we are the majority, I think our voice needs to be heard.”

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