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'DON'T lecture me!' Nick Ferrari erupts at M25 eco mob stunt and hangs up on activist


LBC host Nick Ferrari snapped as he spoke to the spokesperson Liam Norton of Insulate Britain. The climate activists have frustrated Britons by setting up protests on the M25, causing disruption and traffic to many. An LBC caller over the weekend, Chris, detailed how these delays meant that his mother, who had suffered a stroke, could not get to the hospital quickly.

Mr Ferrari demanded an explanation and erupted at Mr Norton after he claimed the LBC host was not “emotionally connected to the truth.

Mr Ferrari said: “It was Chris who said that he effectively watched his mother draining away in front of his eyes as he was trapped in a journey that should have taken an hour and a half but it took 6 hours.

“Now last week, spokesperson Liam Norton for Insulate Britain came on to LBC and he is joining me again now.

“Mr Norton, what would you say to Chris?”

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Mr Norton answered: “Our hearts go out to Chris and his mother, it is a tragic situation.

“It is terrible, isn’t it Nick, that we are in this position.”

Mr Ferrari interrupted to say that he did not see it as terrible but rather actionable and that the protestors should be arrested.

He added: “I still haven’t really heard an apology, how can you justify your actions?”

“You have just heard a caller explain how he watched his mother effectively drain away in front of his eyes for six hours.

“Don’t mention me on emotional connection, let us get that straight.

“I am talking to you about the suffering of Chris’ mother, you brought about with your colleagues.

“The fact that people are suffering is hideous, but it is on such a global scale that it impinges on the Governments of China, India, the UK, Australia, the US, everything.

“That woman effectively dying in front of her son’s eyes is down to you and your colleagues.

“So when are you suddenly going to stop with these lame apologies and actually that this is not the way to protest?”

Mr Norton began by saying it was “awful we have to” before Mr Ferrari announced he had enough from the protestor.

He closed by saying: “What is awful is climate change, what is awful is that someone has virtually died because of your actions.

“That is what is awful, Liam Norton is with Insulate Britain.”

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