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‘Don’t have it on full whack’: Heating expert shares ‘best thing’ to lower heating bills


BestHeating’s John Lawless said there is always a debate at this time of year about whether to keep heating on low all day or turn it on for just a couple of hours each day.

John has settled the debate for good, claiming that if homeowners keep their heating on all day, they will use more energy than simply switching it on when necessary.

He explained: “Sure, your boiler will have to work a little harder to heat up a cold home when you first switch it on but having it on constantly will use more energy than just switching it on when you need it.

“The best thing to do to lower bills and keep warm is to insulate your home, prevent draughts, and set up better heating controls.

“Don’t have the heating on full whack in a room you don’t use, just heat the room you spend the most time in.

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