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Donald Trump to U-turn and support Ukraine – risking fury from MAGA supporters

The expert believes that Trump will want to help Ukraine to dissuade enemies of the West such as China from carrying out their own acts of aggression.

He said: “He is all about bluster to get elected. He is a master tactician. But once he gets into office his advisors will say ‘If you want to enable China, leave Ukraine in the dust.’

“The challenge for his advisors is to make sure Ukraine is provided with continual aid so it can prevail, not just to impose a ceasefire on Russia and Ukraine.

“If Russia stops in place now, Putin is able to sell that as a massive victory. That would strengthen his position in Russia, it allows him time to rearm, it sends a bad message to China, and allows Putin to have another crack elsewhere in a few years’ time.

“Trump has not only seen Putin’s commitment to this war but also how Iran and China have come to his aid.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky sent a clear message to Trump this week, warning him he would be a “loser” if he allowed Russia to win the war.

He said that “a ceasefire is a trap” and would make Trump look “very weak” in the eyes of the world.

Zelensky continued: This is not about him [Trump], as a person but about the institutions of the United States.

“They will become very weak. The US will not be the leader of the world anymore. Yes, it will be powerful, first of all, in the domestic economy because it has a powerful economy without a doubt. But in terms of international influence, it will be equal to zero.

“Does he want to become a loser president? Do you understand what can happen?”


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