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Donald Trump hits back over claims he 'glitched out and froze' during rally speech

Donald Trump has furiously denied claims from Democrats that he “froze” while speaking at a rally over the weekend.

The former president was addressing the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday when he abruptly fell silent for about 30 seconds as music started playing, with the group Biden Wins suggesting the Republican “glitched out” under the lights.

But taking to his Truth Social platform early on Monday, Trump insisted he had paused to listen to music playing, as he had done in the past.

It came as the presumptive GOP nominee was praising Lone Star State, saying: “The Texas spirit of proud independence was forged by cowboys and cattle hands, ranchers and rangers, oil workers, soldiers and brave, brave, brave, pioneers.

“Many came here with nothing but the boots or their feet, the clothes on their back, and the gun in their saddle. Together they helped make America into the single greatest nation in the history of the world.”

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Sombre music then began playing through the speaker system and he fell silent for several seconds and looking around before eventually continuing, saying: “But now we are a nation in decline. We are a failing nation. We are a nation that has the highest inflation in 58 years, where banks are collapsing, and interest rates are skyrocketing.”

Joe Biden supporters pounced on the odd interruption to question Trump’s mental acuity, but the property mogul accused Biden’s campaign of spreading “disinformation” and claimed the Democrat is the one who “freezes all the time.”

“My Speech in Dallas this weekend at the NRA’s ‘Endorsement of President Donald J. Trump,’ was attended by a Record Crowd of very enthusiastic Patriots,” he wrote.

“The Biden Campaign, however, put out a Fake Story that I “froze” for 30 seconds, going into the ‘Musical Interlude’ section, when in actuality, the 30 to 60 second period of silence is standard in every one of my Speeches where we use the Music.

“Check out any of my Speeches! The reason they came up with this Disinformation is that Biden freezes all the time, can’t put two sentences together, and can rarely find his way off the stage without help.

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“Donald Trump doesn’t freeze! It is a MADE UP Biden Campaign story, put out in a dying Newspaper that I never heard of, and every Reporter knows it, including the large group that was there….”

It comes as concerns over the age of both candidates persist among voters, as they both campaign for second terms in the White House.

A poll by Quinnipiac from February found that 67 percent of respondents said Biden, 81, is too old to serve another term effectively, with 57 percent saying the same of Trump.

Meanwhile, when voters were asked whether the incumbent was physically up to the task 62 percent said no, with 64 percent saying he mentally couldn’t handle four more years.

Just 37 percent said Trump wasn’t physically up for the job, with 51 percent saying the Republican firebrand wasn’t mentally fit enough for a second term.


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