Home News Dog killed, another injured in New Jersey bear attacks days apart

Dog killed, another injured in New Jersey bear attacks days apart

A dog was killed and another injured in separate bear attacks in New Jersey just days apart, prompting authorities to issue a warning.

Both incidents occurred near West Mountain Road in Sparta Township, according to a statement issued by Sparta Police on Thursday. During the first attack on May 9, a bear targeted a group of dogs belonging to a resident of a home on Graphic Boulevard.

Just four days later, a bear attacked another dog on Mountain Spring Drive, which is less than a mile away from Sparta High School.

The first incident “resulted in the death of the resident’s dog and the second resulted in injuries to the resident’s dog,” Police Chief Jeffery McCarrick said in the statement. He added that the “Sparta Township Police Department and officials from NJ Fish and Wildlife are currently investigating these events and are taking appropriate measures to ensure public safety.”

Authorities have not said whether they believe the same bear was involved in both attacks. They also issued a warning to residents in the area and called on them to report any “aggressive” bear or wildlife activity.

“Residents in the vicinity of West Mountain Road are advised to exercise caution when outdoors and to take necessary precautions to avoid potential bear encounters,” police said. “This includes securing garbage and food sources that may attract wildlife,” like pet food, bird seed, or a recently-used grill.


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