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Does Our Yorkshire Farm's Amanda Owen want more children?


Our Yorkshire Farm follows the lives of shepherdess Amanda Owen, her husband Clive and their flock of children living in the beautiful countryside. They live and work on Ravenseat Farm, using a mix of modern and old-fashioned ways to look after the animals as well as their large family. But could the Owens family from the Channel 5 series soon get even bigger?

Does Our Yorkshire Farm’s Amanda Owen want more children? 

Amanda and Clive already have their hands full with not only the farm to attend to but their herd of animals as well.

While the older children now help with taking care of the farm, it is bound to be a difficult and stressful job at times.

There is also the matter of the Owens purchasing a new farmhouse which needs extensive renovation work before they are able to move in.

The couple is currently just renting Ravenseat Farm and so were eager to have their own land.

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“People are quick to say to a mum of nine, ‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that’.”, Amanda continued explaining to The Sun.

“But I want to be an example to my kids, to say, ‘You can be whatever you want to be — don’t let other people define you’.'”

Before having her children, becoming a mum hadn’t been Amanda’s sole focus, however, she learned to take it in her stride.

She said: “Obviously it was something I wanted, to have a family. But I didn’t really know what to expect.

“I hadn’t had many dealings with babies, so it was really a question of problem-solving, as with most things in life.

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Clive is 20 years Amanda’s senior at the age of 66 and have been married since 2000.

Their nine children are Raven, 20, who is at university, Reuben, 17, who is a mechanics apprentice, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, Sidney, nine, Anna, seven, Clemmie, five, and Nancy, four.

The children are frequently seen on Our Yorkshire Farm, giving their insight into farm life and what it’s like for them growing up in such a busy environment.

Sadly, the latest series of the documentary has come to an end on Channel 5.


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