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Does makeup expire? Makeup artist reveals when to throw away your makeup



If you have multiple lipsticks on rotation, you’ll find it difficult to use up a lipstick before it expires.

Saffron explained: “Lipstick doesn’t hold much bacteria, so it can last up to two years.”

However, that doesn’t mean your lipstick is safe to use for two years without cleaning it.

The MUA continued: “If your lipstick is left open or taken to the bathroom frequently for top-ups, bacteria can come into contact with your skin and lips.

“To avoid this, clean the top of your lipstick with a makeup wipe to prevent bacteria growth.

“If you are sick or have a cold sore, spray and sanitise the lipstick with alcohol after use before letting it dry.”
This applies to lipstick in a tube, and liquid lipsticks only last for about a year because the wand leads to more frequent bacteria contamination.

Saffron added: “If you notice any changes to the lipsticks texture, smell or if it dries out, it’s time to throw it away.”

Brow gel and eyeliner

Brow gel and eyeliner can only be used for about six months after opening the products.

Saffron explained: “Anything that is dipped into a product, such as eyebrow or eyeliner gels, have a higher risk of bacterial contamination.

“If the colour changes, the gel dries out or it smells different, don’t take your chances as this can lead to eye infections or breakouts around your brows.”
Eyebrow or eyeliner pencils can last up to two years because they are constantly being sharpened and the bacteria gets removed.

Saffron’s top tip is to always ensure the cap is closed tightly to avoid your products drying out.


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