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Doctor shares tip to prevent armpits from smelling using one item – it’s not deodorant

A doctor has revealed an easy way to prevent smelly armpits when deodorant just isn’t enough.

Dr Sina Ghadiri, who goes by Dr Sina on TikTok, regularly shares helpful skincare and hygiene tips on the platform, where he has amassed a staggering 84.8K followers.

In a recent video Dr Sina revealed those who were worried about the smell of their pits could use a drugstore product to improve the stench. In a video posted to the platform he could be seen looking up at the words ‘smelly armpits?’ as he pulled a pensive face.

He then revealed the best product to banish pong was glycolic acid – which can be purchased from discount brand The Ordinary for as little as £7.70.

Users were quick to comment on the hack, with one writing: “This past year, I have struggled with that. What changes make you smell? Even after I shower, I still have odor.”

Meanwhile another chimed in: “nah, shower and roll on deodorant,” to which Dr Sina responded: “Nothing wrong with deodorant however some people still struggle to control it that way.”

Glycolic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) derived from sugar cane. It is also used for hyperpigmentation and is an effective exfoliant.

The cleansing acid is not meant to be used as a replacement for deodorant as it does not stop sweat from being produced. However, board-certified dermatologist Dr Marisa K. Garshick told Today: Glycolic acid is thought to help reduce body odour by reducing the pH of the skin and making it harder for the odour-causing bacteria to survive.”

Use of glycolic acid does come with some risks. Like other exfoliating acids, it can be irritating to skin – especially in areas where it is thin and soft, such as your armpit. This can cause redness, flakiness and sensitivity.

Dr Garshick added: “The maximum concentration of glycolic acid that can be used on this area is eight to 10%, but even that can be irritating, so the lower the concentration, the better.” It is also recommended users don’t pile on the product, applying it a maximum of once or twice a week.

Dr Garshick even recommended choosing a deodorant with glycolic acid if possible, rather than applying the product on its own.


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