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DIY tips: How to convert your home office into a workable cinema room


If you’re coming to the end of working from home, you may be wondering what to do with your DIY home office. While creating a cinema room sounds costly and time-consuming, making just a few small changes could create a comfortable entertainment space. Heating specialists Stelrad have shared their tips and ideas on how you can create a cinema room from your home office.

Fold-up desk

Desks can be bulky and take up a lot of room so purchasing a fold-up desk for a multi-purpose room could save you space.

Fold-up desks can be used to eat, work or play boardgames.

Another alternative is a drop leave table which folds neatly into a thin side table.

This is useful if you already have items you want to display but you don’t want a table out all the time.


Ottomans create extra space for storage while doubling up as an extra foot stool.

They’re great for storing blankets, spare cushions, board games and even consoles.

Ottomans can be found online for as little as £16 from Dunelm.

Chris Harvey from Stelrad said: “It is key to be able to give spare rooms and home offices a multi-functional purpose, especially if you’re tight on space.

“With Britons returning to offices part time we hope these tips will give the nation some inspiration of how easy it is to convert the room into a unique and fun area at the same time.”


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