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DIY: How to whiten yellowing appliances affordably – and more ways to makeover your home


Content creator and home makeover expert Shade Shannon, 28, has spoken exclusively to Express.co.uk about her DIY projects. Shade, who almost 100,000 followers on Instagram and 29,000 subscribers on YouTube, has been sharing her home transformations with fans for years. Having purchased her own home almost three years ago in Newcastle, Shade began making changes to her own property before taking on other people’s projects.

“If you do take the time, have the patience and do your research beforehand by using reliable tools and paint, it will work out really well.”

Fill in your cracks

Another tip Shade recommended was filling in old cracks around the house.

Cracks can show a property’s age and can even make new builds look dated.

“It will keep it looking more fresh and new,” she said.

“All houses have them. The room I’m working on at the moment has millions of cracks in it and I’ve just filled them all out.

“Already it feels like a newer looking room because it hasn’t got all these new cracks and dents in that mean you can tell it’s an older structure.”

Change-up your appliances

Shade’s next tip is for appliances, which can often become discoloured over time.

“You can change out old, yellowed appliances like light switches and smoke detectors for either clean new ones or if you can’t afford that then you can just take them off the walls, spray them with a white appliance spray or whatever colour spray you want to do and then put them back.

“That will make them look a lot newer.”

The DIY guru said Britons can even try metal-coloured sprays for a different finish.

Shade explained the first time she tried appliance spray was at her mother’s house.

Her mum’s utility room has a tumble dryer, washing machine and boiler.

Some of the appliances had yellowed over time, so Shade decided to try and whiten them using appliance spray.

“All I did was – making sure the electric is switched off, anything that you might be dangerous is switched off – unscrew the fronts of the appliances from the wall.

“Take them outside, sugar soap them down so they’re clean of any dirt, debris or grease which will stop the spray paint adhering to it properly.

“Maybe give it a little light sanding so that the spray has something to grip to – and it will last longer as well.

“Then you just use an appliance spray, you can get these from Wilko, use a couple of coats, let it dry properly before putting it back on.

“Honestly, it’s like you’ve bought a brand new appliance, it’s crazy.

“People even use them for radiators, washing machines and tumble dryers as well.”

Brighten up your skirting

For those with a bit more time on their hands, Shade recommends tackling the skirting boards next.

Over time, when skirting boards don’t get sunlight, they can begin to yellow.

Shade said it may take a couple of days or so but homeowners could give their skirting boards and bannisters a new lick of paint gloss.

“It will really make a difference,” she added.

“People might think it’s quite a tough job but honestly, once you’ve got all the cuts of wood it’s just a case of gluing them to the walls or pinning them to the walls with a nail gun and then just painting over them – it really, really helps add character.”

For those willing to give it a go, Shade recommends going to B&Q where you can buy the MDF sheets and then get them cut in store to the right measurements.

Alternatively, a local timber merchant will cut and deliver the wood to you if you ring them up with your measurements.

“It’s a safer way, and also a much easier way,” she added.


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