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Divorced woman shares hilarious pics of her bridesmaids which show her marriage was doomed from day one


YOUR BRIDESMAIDS are supposed to be your support system when planning your big day, but what if they don’t support the marriage?

Most of the time, people keep their opinions to themselves when they think someone is making the wrong choice of marrying their partner, but that doesn’t mean they can hide it on their faces.


Although she looked happy on her wedding day, her bridesmaids looked unimpressed[/caption]


IT seems her bridesmaids’ knew it wouldn’t be happily ever after…[/caption]

As one woman recently found out when looking back on her old wedding photos.

Usually, looking back on your wedding photos feels you with glee, but if the marriage has broken down, it can bring back painful memories of the past.

But despite the relationship breaking down, the woman went through her old wedding photos and noticed some hilarious snaps of her bridesmaids’ faces on the big day, and they clearly knew where this marriage was going.

The woman, believed to live in the US, posted a video on her TikTok account, finleybb, where it has now been viewed over 600k times.

She took to TikTok to sift through some of the pictures from the day, and explained in the video; “When you never should have gotten married and it was on everyone’s faces but you did it anyways…”

The woman shows a picture of her on the big day, wearing a stunning white, sleeveless, Ball Gown style wedding dress, featuring tousled hair and a beaming smile.

However, her beaming smile was not replicated on her bridesmaids, who looked less than impressed.

Sporting burgundy lace dresses, the bridesmaids’ looked like they wanted to be anywhere else but the wedding.

The woman shared three images of different bridesmaids, each looking more fed up than the other, staring blankly ahead as their friend gets hitched.

It is almost as if they knew from the start that this marriage wasn’t meant to last forever.

Users who saw the video were shocked by the bridesmaids’ reaction and shared their thoughts on the images, one wrote: “They looked like they were at a funeral.”

Another user said: “Those are the faces of ‘she has got to figure this one out on her own.”

A third user replied: “If your mouth doesn’t say it, your face will.”


The woman looked stunning in her white wedding gown and beaming smile[/caption]


It’s almost like they knew the marriage was destined to fail[/caption]


Neither of her bridesmaids looked impressed by the marriage[/caption]

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