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Ditch pressure washers to remove patio moss for 1 household item that works in 10 minutes

Moss is a nightmare for many gardeners as it not only takes over your patio but also lawns and fences.

While many people tend to use a pressure washer, using this appliance the wrong way can cause damage to patios.

For a cheaper and easier way to remove moss buildup from patios, Rafi Friedman, CEO at Coastal Luxury Outdoors and Delah Gomasi, managing director at cleaning company MaidForYou claim that white vinegar can be used.

Delah said: “The good thing about removing moss from pavers and outdoor areas is the best way to remove it is eco-friendly.

“It’s really as simple as spraying a mixture of 65 percent water and 35 percent vinegar on the areas you want to have the moss removed, waiting a few days until the moss browns and then using a hard bristled brush to remove the moss from your patio, deck or garden pavers.”

Rafi advises gardeners to start by clearing their patios before making the concoction.

Remove any furniture, grills, potted plants, and other items, then thoroughly sweep the surface clear with a push broom.

Rafi recommends using a slightly different vinegar-to-water ratio. He said: “Put a one-to-one mixture of white vinegar and plain water into a spray bottle and thoroughly soak any mossy areas of your patio. 

“Do your best to avoid spraying any other plants or your lawn, since this mixture will damage the foliage. Let that mixture sit for 10 to 30 minutes.”

Once the time is up, using a bristle brush and some more water, scrub away the moss.

Rinse the entire patio with a garden hose, and let it dry before putting anything back on it.

If the moss is in between the pavers, Delah noted that you won’t want to pressure it under any circumstance as this can remove sand and dirt that holds the pavers together.

For those who must pressure wash the moss in between their pavers, then they’ll need to have some sand ready to fill the gaps where the moss is removed from. 

This will allow households to clean the moss without damaging the foundation of the pavers.


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