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Ditch bleach for ‘only thing that works’ to banish urine smells from toilets that's 99p

Cleaning the bathroom is often enough to remove general urine odours, but in some cases, households need a much more focused approach.

As urine is resistant, if households don’t use the right products, they will not get the results they are after.

The smell needs to be killed at the source which is typically around the toilet bowl or on the floor around the base of the toilet.

While bleach is known to eliminate germs, it’s not the best thing to remove urine odours from bathrooms.

Instead, Mrs Hinch fans suggested a product that “100 percent” works and it’s nowhere near as harsh as bleach.

Struggling with this cleaning task, Theresa Staniland took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask for advice.

She said: “How do you get the smell of urine out of lino in a small toilet?” Out of all the 68 responses, 63 of them recommended the use of shaving foam.

Paula Brownhill wrote: “Cheap shaving foam, not the gel that turns to foam. Spray it all around and leave for 20 to 30 minutes, then wipe away.”

Tracy Daniels instructed: “Shaving foam, spray on, smear over and leave on for a couple of hours before washing off.”

Avril Jane commented: “Cheap men’s shaving foam. I moved into a caravan and lots of men originally lived there. I tried everything. Shaving foam was the only thing that worked to remove the smell and it didn’t come back.”

Shaving foam is a common item many will have in their bathroom cabinets. If not it is cheap to buy from stores. Shaving foam retails for 99p at Tesco, £1 at Boots and £1.50 at Asda.

Other Mrs Hinch fans recommended pairing shaving foam with other household items.

Jaimee Greening said: “Shaving foam, leave for as long as you can – ideally three hours – then use white vinegar.”

Suzie Copland commented: “Shaving foam. Then clean with apple cider vinegar and water. Don’t use bleach as it reacts with the urine and releases a gas.”


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