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Ditch bleach for ‘game-changing’ 50p item to remove yellow toilet seat stains in seconds

Stains on a toilet seat is common in public toilets, but it’s also possible for toilets in our homes to have stains. 

Toilet seat stains can be a result of urine, limescale, sunlight and even harsh chemicals like bleach.

After a failed attempt to use white vinegar on the stains, Diane Watt took to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page to ask what else she should be using.

She said: “I have a toilet seat that is only six months of use and there are stains already under the seat despite cleaning three to four times a week.  

“White vinegar not doing anything for it. What else can I use? Do I need bleach?”

Group members claimed that it’s the bleach that is causing the stains and should be avoided when cleaning toilets. Sarah Jayne Judy said: “If you use bleach in the pan then close the lid, the bleach fumes make the under seat/lid go yellow.”

Susan Dailey urged: “Don’t put bleach down the pan then close the lid, the fumes cause stains.”

Instead, many claimed to have seen amazing results after using a “magic eraser sponge”.

Karla Taylor wrote: “Magic erasers I use them all the time. Like new every time.” Fran Jenkins wrote: “My new go-to product is a magic eraser. This is brilliant on stains.”

Claire Watson claimed: “Magic eraser was the only thing to work for me.” Joanne Ellis said: “Magic eraser, cut them up into small pieces and throw away once used. Was the only thing that worked for me, I tried all of the natural methods.” 

Sharon Allinson explained: “You don’t need any sprays with a magic eraser. It’s game-changing. You just need to wet it and the stains will go in seconds.”

A magic eraser is essentially a sponge made from melamine foam that is designed to banish stains from the majority of surfaces.


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