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Disaster as £3.8m luxury British yacht gets stuck on beach in Spain

Swimmers were stunned to find a luxury yacht worth £3.8 million stranded on Pinedo beach in Valencia, Spain, grounded just meters from their umbrellas and sun loungers. 

On Tuesday, the Nordic Lily, a British-flagged vessel, reportedly suffered a water leak on board, halting plans to tow the yacht until temporary repairs are completed.

The operation to refloat and tow the vessel is expected to be finished within two days, with costs borne by the yacht’s owner.

The yacht has become an impromptu tourist attraction, drawing crowds eager to snap photos and take selfies with the unexpected landmark.

The Nordic Lily, a luxury yacht manufactured by the Italian company San Lorenzo, boasts a length of 25 meters, a width of six meters, and a price tag of £3.8 million. It features a range of amenities, including gyms, spas, and private cinemas, and can accommodate up to eight passengers and two crew members.

The Ministry of Transport has stated it is currently investigating the reasons why the boat malfunctioned. If negligence on the part of the captain is found, a sanctioning file will be opened.

The captain was evacuated to La Fe Hospital in Valencia by the Helimer 203 Maritime Rescue helicopter due to illness, leaving the two remaining crew members on board.

Despite the commotion, beachgoers seem unfazed by the presence of the yacht, with many finding the scene “surreal” and even humorous. Some have joked about the yacht being their ticket to Ibiza, while others have shared their photos on social media.

“It’s the one that’s going to take us to Ibiza,’”one woman told ABC C. Valenciana.

“I took a selfie to show it to my wife”, a man added.

Some have even tried to climb the yacht, despite the area being sectioned off to beachgoers. 

While tourists seemed amused at the sight of the impressive boat, local residents have raised concerns about the potential danger, particularly the risk of a fuel spill, and are calling for its prompt removal.

Government sources confirm that before any refloating operation can proceed, the plan must be approved by the Coastal Demarcation and the Port Authority to ensure it meets maritime safety and navigation regulations.

The Valencia City Council’s Beaches Department has cordoned off the area for safety reasons, while investigations continue into the cause of the accident.


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