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Disabled woman from Reading has poo flooded garden for EIGHT years


Lisa Sadler lives in Whitley and has had problems with her front and back gardens flooding for nearly a decade. Since 2013 raw sewage has swamped her garden. 

She claims an unknown problem with the sewers in the area leads to her garden filling up with foul-smelling sewage.

Lisa suffers from bipolar disorder and has been battling with Thames Water to fix the issue. 

She says the disgusting situation is incredibly stressful and causes her to vomit. 

Lisa owns two dogs, but they are unable to play freely in the garden because of the rancid water.

Lisa told Berkshire Live: “This has been happening for eight years.

“It’s not even rained for two weeks and my back and front garden have filled up with this disgusting water again.

“The Thames Water people came, had a look and said they didn’t have the right equipment to do anything and went away again, leaving me with a disgusting front and back garden.

“It usually drains away, but what’s left is horrible. I’ve already had to rip up the lawn once because of it.”

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A spokesman for Thames Water said: “Our engineers visited yesterday and cleared a blockage from the sewer network which serves the street, which had been caused by unflushable items such as wet wipes being put down the drain. 

“They will return later this week to fully clean and disinfect areas that have been flooded.

“Our teams are working hard but are still making their way through a backlog of jobs following the recent wet weather so some clean ups may take longer than usual.

“We encourage everyone to help us keep the sewers running smoothly by only flushing the three Ps – pee, poo and paper – and putting everything else in the bin.”

Additional reporting Hugh Fort.


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