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'Didn't realise I was waking up in UKSSR' Abi Roberts erupts at vaccine passports plans


The comedian said the proposal to issue vaccine passports reminded her of her experience as a child living in the USSR. Ms Roberts insisted people should not be required to show their papers in order to access entertainment venues nor to travel abroad, warning about such certification could have on individual freedoms. She told Good Morning Britain: “I didn’t realise I’d woken up in the UKSSR under the Communist-servative Party run by Boris Johnson.

“I should explain I’ve lived in a totalitarian regime, I’ve been to the Soviet Union when I was a kid in the 80s and this is all very reminiscent of the time when you’d hear people say, ‘papers please.’

“I do not want to live in a totalitarian police state, thank you very much.”

She continued: “Already the Government has curtailed our civil liberties. First, it was three weeks to flatten the curve and then it was a few months and then it was stick a mask on and then it was put masks on children.

“I went on a march to protest freely and peacefully in a country that I’m proud of and Churchill, we should thank him for pushing fascism back.

“We don’t want fascism to take root in this country and to start to divide people into those who have vaccines and those who haven’t.”

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