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Diabetes type 2 diet: The 15 best vegetables to help keep your blood sugar under control


Carbohydrates are the food group that diabetics really need to keep an eye on, because it has the most significant effect on blood sugar levels.

This is because they are broken down quickly into glucose and absorbed into your bloodstream, which can cause blood sugar to become dangerously high for diabetics if they eat too many carbohydrates at once.

GI is really useful for diabetics because it shows how quickly that food will affect your blood sugar.

The GI rates foods from zero to 100 and with pure glucose, which has a GI of 100, usually as the reference.

Foods with a high GI are quickly broken down into sugar – glucose – and can cause your blood sugar to spike.

These foods include sugary drinks, white bread and potatoes, which have a GI of some 78.

Low GI foods are broken down and absorbed more slowly, meaning they can keep your blood sugar levels steadier.

Low GI foods include some fruit and vegetables, pulses and wholegrains.

So, what vegetables can keep your blood sugar under control?

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