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Diabetes symptom warning as pharmacist reveals five signs to watch out for

A stark warning has been sounded by a top pharmacist about the obesity crisis, with over a billion people globally now classified as obese.

Graham Phillips, a seasoned pharmacist with more than three decades of experience and the brain behind ProLongevity, is calling for a radical shift in tackling health issues.

Disenchanted with conventional medicine’s approach, which he saw as merely papering over the cracks rather than providing real solutions, Phillips witnessed his patients’ health deteriorating despite medication.

This spurred him to create ProLongevity, a bespoke service aimed at helping individuals lose weight, turn around prediabetes, and halt type 2 diabetes by closely monitoring glucose levels and recommending vital changes in lifestyle and diet, reports the Mirror.

Phillips is now drawing attention to five critical warning signs that could signal an elevated risk of diabetes, underscoring the urgency for dietary review.

One key indicator, he says, is the waist-to-height ratio: “If your waist circumference is more than half your height, you could be at risk of diabetes.”

Graham warned: “When insulin levels are high, your body effectively locks away fat stores, making it difficult to access them. This can lead to a situation where individuals gain ever more weight while simultaneously feeling hungrier than ever before.”

Skin conditions such as acanthosis (darkened skin patches) and the presence of skin tags can be red flags for underlying metabolic issues.

He also highlighted symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome, including even slightly raised blood pressure, elevated blood sugar levels, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol levels, which should not be overlooked as they may signal the development of metabolic syndrome.

This condition not only heightens the risk of diabetes but is also indicative of a potential 10-year reduction in life expectancy.

Moreover, Graham pointed out that getting angry when you’re hungry, or “Hangry” episodes, could be a sign of “rollercoaster” blood sugar levels, often a consequence of an imbalanced diet that leaves individuals feeling hungry, tired, and irritable.

Graham stressed the critical nature of recognising these warning signs and taking immediate action to improve one’s health.

He advised: “Spotting these warning signs early and acting upon them NOW can make a significant difference in halting diabetes in its tracks and extending overall life expectancy.”

“In terms of overall health, what actually matters isn’t how you look on the outside, it’s about what’s going on inside your body.

This is absolutely unique to each individual and is exactly the basis on which we should provide diet and lifestyle advice.

At ProLongevity, we monitor and analyse an individual’s sugar spikes to be able to provide ‘precision nutrition’ advice, reverse pre-diabetes and restore metabolic health.”


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