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Deter pigeons from vegetable garden with clever trick using item you can find for free

Pigeons are attracted to gardens because they provide food, shelter, and access to outbuildings.

It’s not uncommon to find a pigeon or two in your garden, but while it may be a haven for them, they could be a burden upon your crops by eating them all up. Luckily, there are ways to deter pigeons from your garden.

Heading over to advice and social media platform Reddit, as they were facing the same problem in their vegetable garden, a gardener asked how to stop the pigeons from eating up all their precious cherries.

They wrote: “My biggest garden pest are the wood pigeons which live around my veg plot. Every year we lose most of our cherries to them because the trees are too big to net.

“I’ve just spotted the first flower buds on my strawberries. Last year I tried netting them but had to disentangle a few hedgehogs, one juvenile died. So I’m reluctant to net them but I really don’t want to have a crop of mangles strawberries – any suggestions please!”

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“Rinse and repeat for the rest of time or until you begin to lose your mind and start illegally trapping and drowning them.”

Another person suggested: “I personally have never tried this but, I have talked to a few folks who swear it works.

“Simply paint or buy rocks that are painted to look like strawberries that you place throughout your patch when they begin to flower.

“Then by the time the actual berries come out the birds don’t think they are real.”


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