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Deshaun Watson's attorney says Houston Texans QB engaged in consensual sex acts during massages


Deshaun Watson’s attorney acknowledged in a news conference Friday that the Houston Texans quarterback did engage in sexual activity during massage sessions, but he said the encounters were consensual.

The attorney, Rusty Hardin, indicated there were “sometimes consensual encounters” during Watson’s massage sessions. When later asked by a reporter to clarify, Hardin said “we’ve never run from it” and the question “has always been about consent.”

“I’m not going into what it is, the nature, the numbers or with whom,” Hardin said. “The question always, that we have always been emphasizing: Never, at any time, under any circumstances … did this young man ever engage in anything that was not mutually desired by the other party.”

Watson, 25, has been accused of sexual misconduct or assault in lawsuits filed by 22 women over the past four weeks. The women, who filed their complaints using the pseudonym “Jane Doe,” have generally alleged that he exposed himself or touched them with his genitals during massage sessions. Two women have also accused him of sexual assault.

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson faces sexual misconduct allegations from 22 women.

Houston police are investigating at least one complaint involving Watson, and the NFL is also investigating the matter under the auspices of its personal conduct policy. Hardin said he has not heard from either entity as of Friday, and does not know how many women have filed criminal complaints involving his client.

Watson, who led the NFL in passing yards last season, has broadly denied wrongdoing in his only public statement on the matter.


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