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Deshaun Watson's attorney pushing for women to attach their names to lawsuits against Texans QB


Over the past several weeks, 22 unnamed women have filed lawsuits against Deshaun Watson, alleging sexual misconduct or assault by the Houston Texans quarterback.

Now, Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, is asking that they come forward publicly.

Hardin announced Thursday that his team has filed a motion in Harris County District Court asking a judge to require one of the women, known only as “Jane Doe,” to refile her lawsuit with her name included – and to do so within two business days.

A spokesperson for Hardin confirmed that his team is filing similar motions in the other cases, effectively pushing for all 22 plaintiffs to attach their names to their complaints.

Two of the women, Ashley Solis and Lauren Baxley, came forward publicly during a news conference Tuesday hosted by Tony Buzbee, their lawyer.

Deshaun Watson's future in the NFL has become murky amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

“As discussed in our filing, Mr. Buzbee’s use of anonymous lawsuits violates Texas law and the basic concept of fairness,” Hardin said in a statement. “It is clear that, for Mr. Buzbee, this case has never been about seeking justice in a courtroom, but destroying Deshaun’s reputation to enhance his own public profile and enrich himself. 

“While I understand that anonymity often is used as a shield for victims, Mr. Buzbee is using it as a sword.”

Buzbee did not immediately reply to an email seeking comment.

The fight over the plaintiffs’ anonymity comes as the Houston Police Department continues to investigate a criminal complaint it received against Watson. Buzbee said Tuesday that two of his clients have provided information to police.


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