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Des O’Connor’s daughter Kristina wins right to take Met to court over cop calling her ‘amazingly hot’ after mugging


DES O’Connor’s daughter has won the right to take the Met Police to court after a cop called her “amazingly hot” when she was mugged.

The High Court has ruled that Kristina O’Connor can push forward with a judicial review after she was sexually harassed by James Mason, 43.


Des O’Connor’s daughter Kristina has won the right to take the Met to court after she was sexually harassed by a police officer[/caption]

She filed a report after she was beaten up by a gang who tried to steal her phone

At the time, the officer was a detective sergeant. He is now a detective chief inspector and works as an aide to Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick.

Miss O’Connor, now 33, called police when she was attacked by a gang who attempted to steal her phone in London back in 2011. She suffered a black eye during the terrifying ordeal.

She was interviewed by Mason, and says he asked “invasive” questions with “sexual overtones”.

In one message, he said: “If you ever fancy having a drink with a very discreet police officer, just let me know, it would be my pleasure.

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‘If you have any visible injuries that you would like me to record then I am happy to take a picture for you and save it in case we manage to get any further in the investigation.

“I hope it doesn’t hurt too much and I am sure you still look amazingly hot.”

Miss O’Connor immediately blasted: “You’re presuming that I’m unaffected enough by the crime to come on to me?

“Isn’t there some kind of code of practice that you are breaking right now?”

He then replied: “Kristina, have faith in my detective ability and experience.

“Actually, coming on to victims is positively encouraged, it’s all part of the friendly and accessible face of the Met Police. It’s the rejection that’s frowned upon.”

She accused him of having “no shame” and said: “You could probably get fired for this.”

Undeterred, he replied: “You are probably right on both counts.

“I can assure that I am as determined in my pursuit of criminals as I am of beautiful women if that helps.”

In a Met misconduct hearing last October, DCI Mason was found to have breached the standards of professional behaviour on eight counts.

However, he was issued with only a final written warning, which will last for three years, and allowed to keep his rank. He will also remain on the force.

Miss O’Connor launched a judicial review against the Met for “enabling and normalising” misogyny – and has now been granted permission to move forward with her court battle.

Coming on to victims is positively encouraged, it’s all part of the friendly and accessible face of the Met

She said: “I welcome this decision from the High Court, not only as a step towards justice being served in my case, but also as a step towards institutional changes, so that justice can be served in all future cases.

“Being given permission to proceed gives me hope that women’s voices are beginning to be heard at the highest levels and within these institutions of power.

“An official body has recognised the Met Police’s poor practice in my case.

“I still believe that this poor practice is institutional and that it is important that the police are held to this level of scrutiny consistently, and that this case is not just a one-off.”

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According to a Freedom of Information request by the Byline Times in September last year, more than half of the Met’s police officers who were found guilty of sexual misconduct in the past four years kept their job.

Nancy Collins, Kristina’s solicitor, said: “I am pleased that Kristina’s claim, which concerns police-perpetuated harassment of women and the police disciplinary process addressing such conduct, will be considered further by the High Court.”

Des, pictured at Buckingham Palace in 2008, died in late 2020 at the age of 88
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