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Death in Paradise boss admits first season was 'so difficult to make’


The comedy-drama has been on our screens for 10 years after its debut on BBC One in 2011 and fans are already calling for the next 10 months to speed by so they can find out whether DI Neville Parker (played by Ralf Little) and Florence Cassell (Josephine Jobert) will get together. Last year, the coronavirus pandemic made filming extremely difficult, but it seems it wasn’t as challenging as trying to get the show off the ground with the very first series, as Executive Producer Tim Kelly explains. 

Tim confessed: “It was kind of industry knowledge that the first series had been challenging, to say the least.”

He went onto say the location for the show was among the problems endured while filming because nothing like that had been done in Guadeloupe before.

A joint British-French drama, it is filmed in the French Caribbean island and has enjoyed high viewing rates since it began.

Tim added: “When you look back at that first series, one of the things that are remarkable is how good it looks.

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“We refer back all the time. We’re always going back and watching old episodes [and] when you look at that first series, it’s really good,” he told Radio Times.

“It’s a really strong series of the show. It’s not like a show that took several years to find its feet.”

Series creator Robert Thorogood confirmed Tim’s season one confessions and spoke about the time Sara Martins – who plays Camille Bordey – broke her leg. 

It was during filming for season one and as a result, she had to be written out of an episode.

It comes after the Death in Paradise recently addressed her plans to settle down. 

The actress, who plays Detective Sergeant Florence Cassell in the show, opened up about her workload, which has resulted in flying overseas.

Speaking in Alex Morgan’s podcast, In Your Dreamzzz, in February, the pair discussed the meaning behind her dreams as she spoke candidly about her future plans.

“There is no place where I really feel like home. I need to find that place in my life,” she said.

Josephine returned to Death In Paradise for series 10 of the crime drama, after previously quitting the show in 2019.

Her character moved to Martinique following the death of her fiancé Patrice.

When discussing her comeback for the anniversary show, she let fans know she wasn’t going to be killed off. 

“Nobody knows. I don’t die in series 10, that’s all I can say,” the French actress revealed. 

“But I’m not allowed to say if I come back next series or if I don’t, so I’ll let you watch series 10 and guess if I come back next year.”

Death in Paradise seasons one to 10 are available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now. 


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