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DEAL OF THE DAY: Superdrug launches Blue Monday flash sale with 20% off


Blue Monday is said to be the bleakest day of the year; The festivities of Christmas and New Years are long behind us, and a long, dark winter stretches ahead.

Another thing that makes this time in January particularly tricky is most people have a longer than usual period between getting their pay, which coupled with the expenses of December means many people are pinching pennies during this period.

In order to brighten up this gloomy period, Superdrug has launched a flash sale with 20 percent slashed off best-selling fragrances and cosmetics so you can have a mid-january pick me up.

Hopefully, these discounts will mean that even those that are hanging out for payday will be able to treat themselves.

The fragrance offers are available exclusively for Health & Beauty members, and will include:

Selected cosmetics brands will also be seeing a 20 percent discount which is available for everyone, and our top picks are:

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