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DEAL OF THE DAY: Save 35% on Simba Hybrid topper that turns old mattresses ‘into a cloud'


A new mattress can give you a new lease on life. There’s nothing quite like a deep, restorative night of sleep to make you feel better – especially if your old mattress is making drifting off difficult.

But good mattresses can be expensive, and not everyone can afford to shell out a grand on a new one every few years. But there is another way – The Simba Hybrid Mattress topper.

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The topper is made with a combination of memory foam and springs to instantly upgrade your mattress, with innovatively shaped conical springs pivot and hug close to your body.

Usually starting from £229 for a single, there’s a new sale that has seen the price of the Hybrid Mattress Topper slashed by 35 percent, meaning they currently start at £148.85.

Considering Simba mattresses usually start from £699, this is a far cheaper way to turn your tired mattress “into a cloud”, as the reviewers are saying.

One shopper who was thinking about buying a whole new mattress said: “I was in two minds about whether to get a new full mattress or whether to get a topper for my old one, as it was starting to feel a bit springy. So when I saw the Hybrid, I thought I’d give it a try.

“It is so comfortable, soft and moulding, yet firm enough so that I cannot feel anything of the old mattress beneath it. A success! Bargain of the century and I fully recommend it.”

Another mentioned the impact of the topper was subtle but impactful, saying: “When we first put the Simba Hybrid Topper on top of our normal mattress, we couldn’t feel much of an immediate impact.

“However, that night and every night since we have slept like babies and can see the improvement in the quality and comfort of our sleep”.

Another who had been struggling with back pain before they invested in the Hybrid Topper said: “Have to say so far, a few weeks in have not had lower back pain once. Could not recommend more highly.”

You can buy the Simba Hybrid Topper while it’s still on sale on Simba here.

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