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David Beckham worries he's 'going to get killed' after making honest Jurgen Klopp comment

And speaking on the Smartless podcast, Beckham explained: “Even as a Man United fan, I love Jurgen. I love his character, his personality, and what he brings to the sport.

“I am going to get killed by some of my Man United friends, I am sad to see him leave. What he has done for the club and the sport has been incredible.”

During the podcast, Beckham was asked if he would attempt to lure Klopp to Inter Miami, a club the former England captain co-owns. But the 49-year-old quipped: “We’ve not got much money left.”

Klopp was in a joyous mood as he addressed the Anfield crowd in the aftermath of the Reds’ victory over Wolves as he shouted: “I’m so happy. I can’t believe it.” And he later exclaimed: “I love you to bits. It doesn’t feel like an end. It just feels like a start. Today I saw a football team full of talent, youth, creativity, desire and greed.”

Klopp has been tipped to take a job as Borussia Dortmund president by Gary Lineker after previously managing the German club for seven years. But the genius has insisted he plans to take time away from the game as he told the Anfield Wrap: “[I will] definitely rest. I don’t know how that feels but I want to [find out]. Travel, relax, see friends.

“I just want to live a life. Will I miss it? Probably. But being on the other side of it, being in the stands, or sitting in front of the telly and just going wild in the living room – why not? I have to see it. I need to have a look at it.

“I cannot do it until I’m 70-something. The rest of life, why should it start when you’re 70? I would find a club if I want but I’m just not available. I’m off. We will see how long that takes. Then I will work, I will do something 100 per cent. The thing I understand most is football but maybe there’s something else doing exactly what I do now.”


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