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Dan Walker shut down by Tory MP over vaccine passports 'Exactly what I've been saying!'


BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker asked Kwasi Kwarteng MP about potential vaccine passports which will allow people in the UK to travel should they have been inoculated. The Business Minister shut down the presenter when he asked a very similar question wanting an answer he had already provided. 

Walker asked: “You talk about reopening the economy, that’s why I’m asking you these questions because obviously this [vaccine passports] could potentially be a very important part of that. Is it under review at the moment?”

Kwarteng replied: “That’s exactly what I’ve been saying, I’ve said exactly that – I’ve said that we’re debating all sorts of things and discussing how best to, once the economy’s reopened, how best to reassure the public and make sure that things can be done in a safe environment and a safe way.”

Walker continued: “Because one of the things we were talking to the president of P&O about is the sort of fairness of that potential system whereby those who have been vaccinated could travel, could go somewhere, could go to a venue, whatever that might be. 

“But those younger ones who haven’t had the vaccine will find themselves restricted in that, and that brings into it a very different argument about fairness doesn’t it?” 



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