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Daily horoscope for September 1: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


The first day of the month is likely to begin with some sensitivity and heightened emotion. This is a result of the Moon’s entry into Cancer, a sign known for its “tender” attributes.

Luckily, major conflicts can be avoided by simply identifying and rising above any fears or feelings of inferiority.

By lunchtime, these feelings may well have passed, and CafeAstrology advises issues are likely to be smoother over “before midday arrives”.

Though the morning may be turbulent, the rest of Wednesday should pass with an air of calmness.

The sun finds itself in a “supportive” angle to the Moon, marking the perfect time for some self-care.

Whether it’s unwinding at home with a book, or treating yourself to a luxurious bath before bed, this is a great time for “nurturing”.

However, feelings of inadequacy may persist for the rest of the week.

This is due to a Mars-Neptune opposition, which is likely to remain until Sunday.

During this time, you may feel discouraged or even have a sense of deceit.

AstrologyKing.com recommends assessing all situations before taking any major leaps.

The astrology experts at AstrologyKing explain: “This is not the time to be taking risks or chasing rainbows.

“Your desire for all things fanciful may not match up with reality this weekly horoscope.”

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