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Daily horoscope for April 13: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


The Moon spends the day in Taurus which is working with Uranus. This can lead to big changes in your life as you are blessed with a sense of impulsivity. You may feel some disruption in your life, but it is important to embrace it.

You will require some flexibility and a lot of attention to make it through the day mentally unscathed.

Thankfully, the Sun is in Aries which will bless you with a direct approach.

Take charge of the situation and focus on the benefits.

However, this could prove to be difficult as the Moon will square with Saturn.

At this time, people could start to feel distressed about their personal relationships.

You may find it difficult to properly convey your emotions

The feeling of being restricted may lead to even more impulsivity but go with the flow.

Mars is in Gemini, which is a powerful astrological transit.

It may feel like matters relating to romance are overwhelming today, but take a step back.

The Sun in Aries coupled with Mars in Gemini can lead your temper to reach breaking point, but take stock of the positives.

Thankfully, you will be blessed today with an abundance of energy, so use it positively.

Horoscope Friends said: “’See it, do it,’ could be your mantra today, as positive energies put you in a dynamic mood.

“There can be a tendency towards impulsiveness, but this might serve you well.

“If you have procrastinated over something that needs to be done, such as filling in forms, aking a call or planning a project, just get on with it and don’t overthink it.”


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