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Daily horoscope for April 12: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast


While Jupiter aligns with Neptune, the long-term transit with these creative powerhouses will be most potent as it will occur in the sign of Pisces today, and its energy will influence the remainder of the month. As deeper thoughts are provoked, expect to feel more selfless and grounded today – but take care to manage your expectations.

This is the first and final time this transit will take place this year – it won’t repeat the usual two additional times as many outer-planet transits do.

Today’s transit will stoke a spirit of altruism and generosity, you might see yourself making connections with others from different backgrounds, expanding your faith, or widening your mind through unusual or different experiences.

Cafe Astrology said today we will be more inclined to “easily make personal sacrifices for what we believe to be the better good.”

They continued: “Everyday ordinary life doesn’t satisfy, as we hunger for more imagination or purpose.

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“This can undoubtedly lead to disappointment or strong feelings of discontent and restlessness. In fact, we may need a reality check to keep our expectations realistic.”

Take extra caution with finances and otherworldly, practical affairs today, as you may be more at risk of missing critical details or take a gamble that might not pay off.

Cafe Astrology said: “However, if we keep expectations in check, this can be a fabulous time for dreaming up new possibilities.

“It’s also a period of greater compassion – when our guiding principle is to trust in people or the universe.”

The energy will provide a strong sense of personal discipline to bring a little more purpose and practicality to situations.

Self-awareness leads to realistic plans and goals, so play it safe and take a more conservative approach on days like today for a much more beneficial outcome.

The Moon’s move into Virgo at 15:08 PM BST will stir more of a desire to “get down to business” or bring more order to our lives.

Any clarity you’re missing will be restored after this time, as meticulous Virgo energies will support with wrapping up any loose ends.

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