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Customer whinges he was 'forced' to drink an oat cappuccino at vegan café


The customer said they endured a “very weird experience” at the non-profit social enterprise Café Van Gogh near Oval, south London. They posted on TripAdvisor: “Very weird experience. It says ‘vegan-friendly’ but is just vegan. I was forced to have an oat milk cappuccino. It tasted like porridge.” 

But the owner of the establishment, Steve Clarke, pointed out the customer could have just declined the vegan option and left.

He wrote: “Hello. You stepped into a fully vegan cafe. We make no apologies for this, it’s a huge part of our ethical stance.

“You’d have been asked if you preferred oat milk or soya milk. You could have left at that point, but instead you allowed us to ‘force’ you to drink a cappuccino that you didn’t like.

“For reasons unknown to us, you didn’t say anything to staff at the time (we’d likely have not billed you) but you chose to sign up to tripadvisor to relay the horrors of your experience to the world with your one star review. (Which says nothing about our café, just your palate).

“You’ve put a broad smile on all of our faces. We love a keyboard warrior, and we hope we didn’t hurt you when we forced that coffee down your brass neck.”

As My London reports, Café Van Gogh is a trendy brick-clad coffee shop on a busy main road in the capital. More than 100 reviewers have left five-star ratings on TripAdvisor.

The café is not-for-profit, and primarily runs with the intention of helping adults with learning disabilities to get work in the hospitality sector.

Mr Clarke shared the review on Instagram, to which it was met with 1,500 likes and 150 comments.

“I like the way this is positioned as if you held them at gunpoint until they drank the oat milk,” one comment reads.

“Please force one down my neck, it sounds delicious,” another states.

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