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Curious man questions if his TV remote control is black or purple – what color do you see?


TELEVISION viewers found a new source of entertainment right in the palms of their hands when one Roku customer discovered a bizarre secret.

The excited man made a video to share the discovery with his TikTok followers, who either marveled over the colorful illusion or claimed it didn’t work with their own devices.


Chris Angelis always thought his Roku remote was opaque black plastic[/caption]


The plastic casing was actually a translucent purple[/caption]

Holding up his Roku remote control, Chris Angelis spoke quickly, looking directly at the camera.

“This is a purple remote, this remote’s purple,” Angelis said.

Then, he picked up the back panel from the remote and held it up to the light, where it appeared to be a translucent purple.

“It looks black, nope, it’s purple!” he exclaimed.

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Angelis tagged Roku in the TikTok caption, demanding the company explain and declaring “I HAVE BEEN FOOLED.”

But he also realized that he might be the last person to make the realization: “wait am I the only one who didn’t know this,” Angelis wrote.

Angelis wasn’t the only person who didn’t realize the remotes were actually purple, but some commenters did sneer at his discovery.

“That’s how light/color works,” explained one exasperated commenter.

“Black is made with blue dye, it will look purple.”

Other viewers ran to find their remotes and see if the seemingly-black remotes were actually a different color.

“I immediately grabbed mine next to me and checked. It is purple!” wrote one viewer.

“I was convinced mine wasn’t until I put it directly on the lamp. IT’S PURPLE,” said another person.

“Mine’s black, I just checked it ain’t even see-through,” said one viewer, while several commenters responded this was the case for their remotes as well.

For those who discovered their own remotes were purple, the revelation came as a shock.

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“My life is a LIE” wrote one viewer.

What color do you see on your remote? Black or purple?


The purple remote shocked TikTok viewers[/caption]


Viewers either saw a black or purple remote[/caption]

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