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Covid winter plan explained: Every rule change you need to know – Plan A, B and C


As we venture into Autumn, scientists are urging Brits to be cautious and to make sure they are fully vaccinated. As Covid cases continue to surge, many fear the NHS could be overwhelmed this winter. Here’s the latest on the Government’s strategy to combat Covid this winter.

In the most recent Downing Street press conference, Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty said Covid cases, hospitalisations and deaths are higher now than this time last year.

To stop Covid cases from spiralling out of control and in a bid to protect the NHS, Boris Johnson has laid out his plans to combat the virus over the winter.

The Government’s winter strategy involves three plans, “plan A”, “plan B” and “plan C”.

What rules will be introduced under plan A?

Plan A is the Government’s current Covid strategy and was announced on September 14 at a Downing Street press conference.

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Face masks are strongly encouraged in crowded indoor places.

The public has been urged to socialise outdoors where possible.

The Test and Trace programme will continue alongside free PCR tests.

Free flu vaccines will be offered to as many as possible, with all over-50s and secondary school students to be offered the jab.


Local authorities will also keep their powers to close premises, for example, if they aren’t deemed Covid safe.

What rules will be enforced under plan B

Many Brits won’t see much change under plan A, most of the changes are fresh guidance as opposed to rules.

But under plan B, the rules will be far tighter and legal restrictions could be introduced.

If Plan A isn’t able to stop “unsustainable pressure” on the NHS plan B will be introduced this includes the following steps:

  • Vaccine passports could be introduced for all large venues, such as nightclubs.
  • Compulsory face coverings could return in public places.
  • Boris Johnson will “urgently” communicate additional risks to the public.
  • Brits will be advised to once again work from home.

Plan C
The Government hasn’t officially announced a “Plan C”, but a national lockdown has not been ruled out.

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