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Covid warning: WHO chief says UK remains ‘at risk’ due to ‘high levels’ worldwide


The World Health Organization’s Covid-19 technical lead, Maria Van Kerkhove, has issued a stark warning about the progress of vaccination efforts across the globe. She highlighted the dangers the UK is exposed to due to the widespread cases of coronavirus in other countries.

She told ITV’s Peston: “As you said, we have seen record numbers of cases being reported globally, more cases reported… 5.7million cases reported last week, another 5.7million cases reported the week before.

“This is not a situation we should be in 16 months into a pandemic.

“So, as long as this virus is circulating at such high levels around the world, the UK population remains at risk.”

Ms Van Kerkhove’s remarks come as India continues to battle the world’s worst coronavirus surge.

On Monday, Britain confirmed it was sending a new shipment of life-saving ventilators to Indian hospitals.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the move, vowing we “will always be there for India”.

He said: “The terrible images we have seen are all the more powerful because of the close and enduring connection between the people of the UK and India.

“I am deeply moved by the surge of support the British people have provided and am pleased the UK Government has been able to play our part in providing life-saving assistance.”


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