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Covid vaccine priority continues by age but Asthma UK hits back – ‘unacceptable decision'


A UK Government spokesperson said: “The most effective way to minimise hospitalisations and deaths is to continue to prioritise people by age. This is because age is assessed to be the strongest factor linked to mortality, morbidity and hospitalisations, and because the speed of delivery is crucial as we provide more people with protection from COVID-19.

“All four parts of the UK will follow the recommended approach, subject to the final advice given by the independent expert committee. The UK Government remains on course to meet its target to offer a vaccine to all those in the phase one priority groups by mid-April, and all adults by the end of July.”

But Asthma UK has hit back at the decision, saying asthma sufferers should be high up on the priority list.

Sarah Woolnough, Chief Executive of Asthma UK and the British Lung Foundation, said: “The decision not to prioritise all people with asthma, who are not already in group four and six, ignores the evidence that they are more at risk of going to hospital with covid and more at risk from long Covid.

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