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Covid vaccine: More people suffer from side effects after second Pfzier jab in new data


King’s College London is behind the world’s largest ongoing study of Covid, including vaccine side effects. The latest research by the Covid Symptom Study provides details on what to expect from the second Pfizer jab. “After effects are more common the second time around,” the researchers confirmed. One in five people have reported that they experienced at wast “one systemic effect” after their second vaccine.

But I didn’t get any side effects…

If you don’t experience any side effects after the first or second Covid jab, “your immune system will still be learning to respond to the virus”.

Thus, not experiencing any side effects at all is nothing to be concerned about.

The research – led by British epidemiologist Tim Spector – highlighted that “you can still catch COVID-19 after being vaccinated”.

“We also still don’t know for sure whether people who have been vaccinated can still pass on the coronavirus, even if they themselves don’t get ill from it,” the research team noted.

Other NHS guidance includes washing your hands with soap and water often, and trying not to touch your eyes, mouth or nose.

This is because these parts of the body act as entry points for the virus.

If you touch a contaminated surface, such as a door handle for example, then rub your eye, the virus could then enter your body.

This is why the use of hand sanitisers are highly recommended outside of the home.


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