Home Lifestyle Covid update: Could a nasal spray help kill coronavirus? Experts weigh in

Covid update: Could a nasal spray help kill coronavirus? Experts weigh in


More reports and evidence are emerging surrounding nasal sprays efficacy in helping with COVID-19. So much so that a virus lab in Surrey has announced their new trials delving further into how it could possibly help with the novel coronavirus.

The innate immune system is the first line of defence against the invasion of pathogens into the body.

Pankaj Sharma, Professor of Neurology and Director of the Institute of Cardiovascular Research at Royal Holloway, said: “Any intervention for treating coronavirus – the virus responsible for COVID-19 is to be welcomed.

“The fact that a relatively easy and simple nasal spray could be an effective treatment is welcome news and offers a significant advance in our therapeutic armoury against this devastating disease.”

Ena Respiratory Managing Director, Dr Christophe Demaison said: “We’ve been amazed by just how effective our treatment has been.

“By boosting the natural immune response of the ferrets with our treatment, we’ve seen a rapid eradication of the virus.

“If humans respond in a similar way, the benefits of treatment are two-fold.

“Individuals exposed to the virus would most likely rapidly eliminate it, with the treatment ensuring that the disease does not progress beyond mild symptoms.

“This is particularly relevant to vulnerable members of the community.


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