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Covid cases rising: The FIVE areas in England where Covid infections are highest


COVID-19 infections have dropped in recent months, thanks to ongoing vaccine efforts and the latest lockdown. The steadily decreasing pressure on the NHS has allowed the Government to continue repealing Covid measures. Ministers want to return the country to pre-pandemic “normal” by the summer, but only if cases stay low.

Where are Covid infections increasing?

The general Covid infection pattern for England is currently one of gradual decline.

Over the last week, daily caseloads have dropped to roughly 2,000 per day, and deaths are in the single figures.

But hundreds of areas have emerged as an exception to this rule, with notable case rises.

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The latest information from Public Health England (PHE) shows the UK as a whole is recovering.

By April 20, they recorded 2,524 new cases and 33 deaths within 28 days of a positive test.

The seven-day rolling average is slightly lower, with 2,476 new cases and 26 deaths.

According to ministers, these figures will help guide the Government’s hand as it looks to repeal lockdown.

They should realise their next step, the third in the plan, by May 17.

Then, most social restrictions will cease outdoors, with gatherings over 30 illegal still.

Indoor hospitality and leisure venues will reopen as well, with restrictions lifted on weddings and funerals.

People can also enjoy a return to performances or sporting events, provided cases remain low, and the NHS is not under pressure.


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